Abi M. Salami is a Nigerian-American visual artist based in Dallas, Texas.

A self-taught artist, Salami graduated with a Masters in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin and worked in public accounting and real estate for almost a decade before deciding to follow her passion for art as a full-time career.

Her work ranges from vibrant abstract art to imaginative, surrealistic paintings. Although she primarily works in acrylic paint, she is also very fond of experimenting with various mixed media mediums. Her artwork has a dramatic sense of life and energy because of her use of bold hues and interesting textures.

She finds inspiration not just from her African heritage and life experiences, but from also her “whimsical mind”. Her approach to painting is purposefully unstructured. She allows her subconscious mind to roam free to find inspiration and then challenges her conscious mind to make sense of the the fleeting thoughts, colors and shapes on canvas.

Her work currently on display at Designe Gallerie in the Dallas Design District and an upcoming residential development at 1514 Elm Street in Downtown Dallas.


She likes to use bright, vivid colors to elicit various emotions from her audience. Her ultimate goal is to help others fall in love with art in the same way she has loved art all her life.