From the Whimsical Mind is a small series of paintings that I let my subconscious mind imagine and my conscious mind paint. The colors, patterns and the way the subjects are painted might seem whimsical, but there are deeper meanings in each painting. The backgrounds are an elaborate combination of colors, shapes and textures – a celebration of my Nigerian heritage. The mysterious, yet intriguing subjects are also painted with deliberate meaning. The close/detached eyes, which are a recurring motif in the series, represents the knowledge and identity of the subjects and the circular piece of the lower half of the female subjects represent all things feminine. With these elements, I explore different types of relationships. Some are personal, some are not. My ultimate goal with this series is to let people into a part of my mind - the colorful and vibrant part. I want the colors to make viewers feel positive vibrations and energy. I want the subjects to be relatable. I want viewers to be able to tell their own version of the story when looking at each piece.